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Superior selection, superior flavour

We proudly display our beef in the centre of the dining room. The pale pink and orange wall is made of Himalayan salt bricks. The salt purifies the air and naturally removes moisture. This dry-aging process infuses an unforgettable flavour as it tenderizes the meat. All our steaks are kept in the cooler for 28-45 days and ensures a flavour concentration of the highest quality.

Canadian Prime

Canadian prime-grade beef features abundant marbling (red meat laced with an even fat distribution). The presence of this fat creates a more tender and juicy cut of beef that cooks well in all conditions. Only 2% of graded Canadian beef is rated prime.

USDA Prime

USDA prime is the most tender, flavourful and highest quality beef that comes from the US. We offer the long-bone ribeye steak, charred to perfection. 

Japanese A5 Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu cattle are known worldwide for producing meat with exceptional marbling, naturally enhanced flavour, tenderness and juiciness. All of our Japanese Wagyu cuts have a quality score of A5 and a marbling score between 8-10.

Japanese Kobe Beef

Black + Blue takes great pride in being one of the select few dining rooms in North America that offers certified Kobe beef ribeye and striploin cuts. The secret behind this prestige cut of meat is the umami flavour that’s embedded in the “shimofuri” marbling. The fatty “sashi” content dissolves at low temperatures, which literally means it melts in your mouth.