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Our team is in the business of providing delightful and memorable experiences. A genuine smile at the door, friendly and knowledgeable service, table-side creativity, a wine list that’s second to none, and of course steaks that are simply world class. Here at Black+Blue, we are all about you.  

I invite you to join us soon, and discover why we sell more steaks than any other restaurant in Vancouver. And why our customers keep coming back for more.

Emad Yacoub, CEO

The Glowbal Restaurant Group

Seeing is believing

Dry-aged beef (28 – 45 days)

We dry-age all of our beef in our one-of-a-kind, Himalayan salt-lined meat locker. 

Strict temperature and moisture-controls allow the salt air to penetrate the meat over time which provides unparalleled flavour and tenderness. It’s one of our little secrets that we keep in plain sight, for all to enjoy. 

The Restaurant

Rooftop dining at it’s best

The Roof, Black+Blue’s third floor outdoor restaurant and lounge, is Vancouver’s largest rooftop dining destination offering platinum seating to the city’s patio scene.